Keep track of the latest results from the MEDIRAD Project, e.g. public deliverables, which will be published here as the project progresses.

Name Date File
MS15 Establishment of expert groups, definition of clinical indications for chest CT, decision on clinical image quality criteria and readout working procedures 10/07/2018 MS15_WP2_Expert groups etc_M12.pdf
D3.2 Report on validation of centres for imaging network 01/06/2018 MEDIRAD_D3 2_Report on validation of centres for imaging networks.pdf
D3.3 Dosimetry protocol and software 30/05/2018 MEDIRAD_D3.3_Dosimetry protocol and software.pdf
D6.1 First Stakeholder Board annual report 28/05/2018 MEDIRAD D6.1_First Stakeholder Board Annual Report.pdf
D6.2 Report on the Stakeholder Forum 28/05/2018 MEDIRAD D6.2_Report on the Stakeholder Forum_excl Annex.pdf
D2.2 Implementation and testing of the RDF repository 28/05/2018 MEDIRAD D2.2_Implementation and testing of the RDF repository.pdf
D3.1 Imaging and data collection study protocols 30/11/2017 MEDIRAD D3.1_Imaging and data collection study protocols.pdf
D1.2 Project website and visual identity 29/09/2017 MEDIRAD D1.2_Project website and visual identity.pdf