Press And Media

The MEDIRAD Project will have a significant impact on the scientific bases and clinical practice of radiation protection in the medical field. Keeping all stakeholders informed and up-to-date is also a key aim of the project and a range of press and dissemination material will be created at each stage of the project to announce the latest results.

Find all our press and media related items listed here.

Name Date File
ECR 2019 - Article 01/03/2019 MEDIRAD_ECR Today 2019_Wednesday_Feb27.pdf
Folder 05/03/2019 MEDIRAD folder March 2019 web.pdf
ECR 2018 - Article 28/02/2018 20180228_ECR Today 2018_MEDIRAD.pdf
ECR 2018 - Poster 28/02/2018 201803_ESI-0080_MEDIRAD poster.pdf
AIR²-Special Issue MEDIRAD-January 2018 26/01/2018 air-special-issue-medirad-january-2018.pdf
Press release 17/10/2017 20171017_MEDIRAD_press release_final.pdf
Poster (ICRP, Paris, October 2017) 10/10/2017 2017_10_10-12_ICRP Paris_MEDIRAD poster.pdf


During the course of its +4-year period, MEDIRAD researchers will publish a range of scientific articles and every effort will be made to make these available on an open-access basis.

Below you can find a list of publications related to the MEDIRAD Project, which will be updated as the project progresses.

Name Date File
Automatic Tube Current Modulation and Tube Voltage Selection in Pediatric Computed Tomography: A Phantom Study on Radiation Dose and Image Quality 17/12/2018 201812investigative-radiologyautomatic-tube-current-mod.pdf
Early Detection of Cardiovascular Changes After Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer: Protocol for a European Multicenter Prospective Cohort Study (MEDIRAD EARLY-HEART Study) 08/10/2018 201810_JMIR Research Protocols_Early Detection of Cardiovascular Changes after RT for BC.pdf
Does deep inspiration breath-hold prolong life? Individual risk estimates of ischaemic heart disease after breast cancer radiotherapy 07/08/2018 201808_Does deep inspiraton breath-hold prolong life_Radiotherapy and Oncology.pdf
MEDIRAD project “implications of medical low-dose radiation exposure”: Enhancing the protection of patients and health professionals from exposure to low-dose medical radiation 13/11/2019 SGrande et al on behalf of the MEDIRAD Consortium - IL NUOVO CIMENTO 41 C 2018_214.pdf
Compartmental Model for 223Ra-Dichloride in Patients With Metastatic Bone Disease From Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer 13/11/2019 Compartmental Model for 223Ra-Dichlorides_Flux_RedJournal_2019.pdf
OpenDose: open access resources for nuclear medicine dosimetry 13/03/2020 202003_J Nucl Med-2020-Chauvin-jnumed.119.240366.pdf
Longitudinal atherosclerotic changes after radio(chemo)therapy of hypopharyngeal carcinoma 07/05/2020 Simonetto-LongitudinalAthAfterHypo.pdf
Evaluation of an organ-based tube current modulation tool in pediatric CT examinations 20/05/2020 202005_Papadakis-Damilakis2020_Article_EvaluationOfAn.pdf