Seminar 2 on Recommendations 1 & 2

The MEDIRAD Seminar 2 will be held online on 9th December 2021

The scientific results of the project have been translated into 4 policy recommendations for the effective protection of patients, medical workers and the general public. 

The Recommendations target the decision-makers and practitioners, and have been formulated after a series of consultations with the Stakeholders Board and the Stakeholders Forum.

During Seminar 2, Recommendations 1 and 2 will be presented to and discuss with a wide range of stakeholders; the inputs received during this event will be considered in the final version of the Recommendations. 

RECO 1: "Enhancing standardised European procedures for consolidating patient data repositories, which are an essential source of information for improving scientific knowledge as well as good medical practice"'

RECO 2: "Further optimisation of ionising radiation-based medical protocols for diagnostics or therapy"

Posted on 15/11/2021