MEDIRAD session at EANM 2021

Results from the MEDIRAD project will be presented in the session "Impact on Nuclear Medicine Practice" at the virtual EANM 2022.

The session includes the following presentations:

  • Introduction - The MEDIRAD Project, by Glenn Flux (Sutton, United Kingdom)
  • Multi-Centre Clinical Trials Involving Dosimetry of Radioiodine Treatment for Thyroid Cancer, by Jan Taprogge (Sutton, United Kingdom)
  • DNA Damage and Repair during Radioiodine Therapy within the MEDIRAD Project,  by Uta Eberlein (Würzburg, Germany)
  • Hybrid Imaging in Nuclear Medicine - Results from the MEDIRAD Project, by Klaus Bacher (Ghent, Belgium)

The session has 3 educational objective:

  1. To understand the requirements and pitfalls of a European multi-centre clinical trial involving dosimetry of radioiodine treatment for thyroid cancer 
  2. To understand the DNA damage and repair during radioiodine therapy 
  3. To understand the current use and corresponding dose levels of hybrid imaging systems in Europe
Posted on 15/10/2021