Extension of the MEDIRAD Project

The European Commission recently agreed to a cost-neutral 9-month extension of the project in October 2019. The project has been extended to a total of 57 months and will now conclude in February 2022.

The extension will allow for the successful completion of two of the largest clinical studies yet – BRACE and EARLY-HEART, respectively – to examine the impact of low- to moderate doses on the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other complications. Furthermore, the largest study so far of cancer risk related to low- to moderated doses from paediatric CT scanning – the EPI-CT nested case control study and cohort follow-up – can also now be effectively implemented.

Finally, a new partner, the Medizinische Hochshule Brandenburg (DE) has now been added to the project as a main beneficiary. MHB will participate in WP5 while leading and conducting the statistical analysis of the pooled updated data from several cohorts of children with CT scans. MHB’s main fields of expertise match perfectly with the overall tasks in the project since the staff at the Institute of Biostatistics and Registry Research have significant long-term experience in large-scale epidemiological studies focused on radiation risks such as the EPI-CT study.

Posted on 09/10/2019