ECR 2019

The MEDIRAD project was presented at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2019 in Vienna, Austria, on 27 February - 3 March 2019. The session “Cardiovascular effects after radiotherapy for breast cancer: the European MEDIRAD Project” was moderated by Prof. Guy Frija (Université Paris Descartes, Paris/FR), MEDIRAD Clinical Coordinator, and Dr. Anne Crjns (University of Groningen, Groningen/NL), MEDIRAD WP4 member. The session’s aims were to present the major cardiovascular events after radiotherapy for breast cancer, to understand the importance of assessing their relationship with radiation dose to cardiac substructures and to appreciate the potential of imaging biomarkers for their early detection and their role in prevention strategies. Five MEDIRAD members presented an overview of the project, including progresses made in the Early-Heart study and analysis of new biomarkers.

Posted on 04/03/2019